Dina Gain Sdn Bhd
Lot 7788, Jalan Muar,
Batu 10, Bukit Kangkar,
84400 Tangkak,
Johor, Malaysia.

About Us

Dina Gain Sdn Bhd is an organic fertilizer supplier company. Our main office is located in Tangkak, Johor. Bio-S Bio-organic fertilizer is formulated based on the theory of "Balance Nitrogen Structure and Soil Fertility" and it improves soil transformation.

Discover the benefits of Bio-S Bio-organic fertilizer

  • Recondition and increase soil organic matter.
  • Increase water and fertilizer holding capacity.
  • Increase soil texture into a trump structure for better aeration and moisture retention.
  • Enhance microbial activity. Increase soil pH level for better plant growth.
  • Provide trace elements and humid acid.
It is a mixture of quality plant-based organic matters and German founded agrochemicals with effective micro-organism which is developed through advance technology. It can also improve efficiency and enhance crop quality.

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